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    The main activity of Festival Ljubljana is the organisation and running of the international summer festival, which serves to place the Slovenian capital city on the map of globally important cultural and arts venues during the summer months.

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  • MGLC Summer in Tivoli

    For the fourteenth consecutive year, Summer in Tivoli will be organized in Tivoli Park, around Tivoli Castle and Švicarija, and for the first time this year, also at Plečnik Auditorium.

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  • Križanke Summer Theatre

    Between 1952 and 1956, the architect Jože Plečnik converted this former monastery of the Teutonic Order, originally built in the thirteenth century, into one of the city’s main cultural venues. The outdoor Summer Theatre, with a capacity of 1,400, regularly hosts concerts of various types and is one of the main venues for the summer Ljubljana Festival.

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  • Ljubljana Festival on the Ljubljanica

    The tradition of the thrilling and popular multi-day Ljubljana Festival on the Ljubljanica  concerts are inspired by the activities of the first predecessor of the present-day Slovenian Philharmonic, founded in 1701 as the Academia Philharmonicorum Labacensis.

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  • Opening of the 72nd Ljubljana Festival

    RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra & Big Band
    RTV Slovenia Youth Choir
    Patrik Greblo, musical director and conductor

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  • Brina, Cocktails & Mixology Festival

    Brina, Cocktails & Mixology Festival © Jaka Birsa © Jaka Birsa © Jaka Birsa © Jaka Birsa 8 Jun 2024, 17:00-23:59 Križanke Summer Theatre, Trg francoske revolucije 1 Brina, a flirtatious young lady who enchanted thousands of visitors with a colorful selection of drinks, is returning to the beautiful lobby of Ljubljana's Križanke.

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  • Cycling Through Summer

    Cycling Through Summer There are cyclists: professional and amateur ... And there is the rest of us who do not consider our loyal steel companions as objects of enjoyment that get us to the finish line but rather perceive them as means of necessary evil, preying on us in our bicycle sheds/garages/parking lots, eating at our good mood in the morning.

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  • THE BODYGUARD, musical

    The musical is directed and choreographed by Mykal Rand, a renowned British artist and a regular guest of the summer festival, and will be performed on the festival stage in Ljubljana’s Križanke. Rand began his career as a performer, then progressed to supervising dancers and making sure everything was perfect, then became resident director and later choreographer and director of his own shows.

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    She will bring her brand of afropop to the summer festival stage in Ljubljana, where she will be joined by Raoní Lima Maciel (guitar), Caio Felipe Ferreira Nascimento (keyboards), Nelmário Marques Cerqueira (bass), Caio Oliveira Dos Santos (percussion) and Joilson Dias Dos Santos (drums).

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    The dance workshops will run from 19 to 27 August, with the final performance taking place at the Križanke Summer Theatre at 6.00 pm on 27 August.

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