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Lighting Guerrilla, Light Art Festival


Black background with pink, purple and blue crystals.

  • 24 May - 22 Jun 2024

The annual Lighting Guerrilla festival presents a programme of light installations set up in Ljubljana's streets and parks and a number of galleries.

The festival makes public spaces across the city come alive with all kinds of lighting objects, exhibitions, video and site-specific installations, screenings, performances, and art workshops through which the organisers of the festival strive to redefine the role of space and artists in contemporary society.

The mission of the festival, the only of its kind in Slovenia and one of the oldest events of its kind in the wider region, is to create a different image of the city with the medium of light as well as to popularise contemporary art among the widest audience. They shape the urban space as a living creation, as a space of creativity that stimulates the imagination and sets the dynamic and exploratory rhythm of life.

This year, Lighting Guerrilla officially enters adulthood – before us is the 18th edition of the festival, which is considered a unique event of its kind in the Slovenian space.

This year's 18th festival marks the entry into adulthood and takes place under the theme of Transformations; selected works address and reflect on various aspects of changes and transformations that we witness in our environment or our lives.

The opening of the festival will take place on May 24th at 9:30 pm in the Vžigalica Gallery, but light installations can be seen at various locations in Ljubljana throughout the festival.


Free enterance


For a detailed programme of events, visit the Lighting Guerrilla festival webpage.

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