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The vision of Ljubljana’s small and only gin and whiskey distillery, called Broken Bones, is as strong as steel. For years they have carefully planned each step they take, which has led to the production of premium spirits with distinct, complex tastes, but gentle and pleasant aromas that entice tasters from near and far.

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The Broken Bones distillery is known above all for its refined gins, however, recently they have proudly presented inquisitive drinkers with their first whiskies, the fruit of an almost ten-year-old idea to which they have at last succeeded in giving flesh and bones.

How did it all start?

Borut Osojnik, Boštjan Marušič, and Polona Preskar, founders of the Broken Bones distillery, courageously but prudently entered the world of distillation. In 2012 Borut and Boštjan set themselves the goal of creating a Slovenian whisky that could compete with the best products of the Scottish distilling tradition. Meanwhile, about a year afterward, Polona became enthusiastic about the emerging renaissance of gins, which luckily occurred also in Slovenia.

Like a trio of passionate alchemists, they dedicated their lives, which until then saw them gain valuable expertise in marketing, IT, and philosophy, to the meticulous study of procedures, tastes, and aromas, which has supplemented their love for great alcoholic drinks stemming from their family traditions of grape-growing, beer brewing, and distilling spirits.

In 2016 passion and dedication led them to create their own brand, whose name was inspired by bones literally broken while filling the first whisky barrels. In 2019 they opened a splendid new distillery in Vič, where tasting magical elixirs and nibbling pralines transports you into the wonderful world of distilling.

What do you need to know about Broken Bones?

Every step taken by the Broken Bones team, from plans for manufacturing the distillation still to their label design and even a special glass, has been carefully thought out and based on top knowledge. They also like to add a Slovenian note to traditional recipes. Their story about the power of juniper berries, carefully selected herbs, which they gather for their gins in the Karst region, of the barrels made from Slovenian oak in which their whisky matures, and of the key ingredient to their beverages, namely pure and delicious Slovenian water, caresses the soul and inspires deep respect for the commitment and passion running through this distillation team.

It is this very dedication, commitment, careful thought, and deliberation that keep leading them to success. The quality of their gin has been recognised in international competitions – in 2020 Broken Bones London Dry Gin was named best gin in Europe in the Gin Guide competition, and recently they won the gold medal at the Nordic Spirits Awards and received special recognition at the World Gin Awards.

Incredibly drinkable!

Pop into their distillery in Vič, where they will explain the distilling procedures with a glint in their eye, as well as their different types of gin and whisky, the lightness of tastes, and aromas, chosen herbs, the latest brews, the best cocktail combinations, and of course their ambitious plans for the future. Just one piece of advice: go to Vič on foot or by bus – Broken Bones gins and whiskies are incredibly drinkable!

© Suzan Gabrijan