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At the Osem Bakery on Stari Trg Square something magical happens every day. Just like in the famous Mišmaš Bakery from the children's story by Svetlana Makarovič, the owner of the Osem Bakery Andrej Gerželj also has a black moustache and a sparkle in his eyes.

How it all started?

Andrej Gerželj and his team have since 2013, when Andrej opened his slightly off-the-wall boutique bakery, moved from Gornji Trg to Stari Trg where the premises are a little larger, but their mission has not changed and is well-thought-out and in fact noble - in the Osem Bakery they prepare the people of Ljubljana and other visitors handmade baked products made from high quality and traceable ingredients. Thanks to the fresh ingredients and the traditional mode of preparation without additives, no two loaves are the same and this gives them their special charm!

Andrej Gerželj learned how to bake bread very patiently with much practice and many questions, the answers to which were provided by master bakers from the Netherlands, France and America. They taught him many technical skills which now enable him to playfully improvise with tastes and procedures. In his final choice of recipes, he primarily follows his intuition.

What do you need to know about Pekarna Osem?

The Osem Bakery (Pekarna Osem) team was great ahead of its time. Even more, the Osem Bakery was great before sourdough was great. With its perfected minimalist design and above all its accomplished recipes, it was in the forefront when it came to baking with little or no yeast and was one of the first to ride the sourdough storm which is still running wild in our land.

And although the steamed-up windows conceal the tricks mastered by the team from passers-by, a wonderful smell wafts out from the crack under the door of the bakery and into Ljubljana’s old town, revealing an infinite love for bread. The first bite of a croissant takes you onto the streets of Paris, the first bite of fougasse takes you into the Provencal villages and the first bite of a whole grain loaf of bread takes you to the oven of some charming grandma. It’s magic, we assure you!

Besides the above, the shelves of Osem Bakery are also laden with loaves made of various grains and cereals, cinnamon rolls, focaccia with olives and tomato, spelt flour twirls with cheese, and at the right time of year even panettone - the choice is always a delight!

To conclude: while walking the streets of old Ljubljana it is worth trusting your nose to lead you to the Osem Bakery for some bread or a croissant!