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There is something magical about spring. It feels like the first heavy rains of April finally wash away the grey remains of winter and the city seems to turn a thousand shades of green overnight. Ljubljana’s markets follow the spring fashion trend year after year. These days, the market stalls are piled high with colourful fruit, vegetables, and other delicacies available all year round, but there is no doubt that the season’s trendiest colour is green.

Trznice, foto Eugene Kuznetsov - Unsplash

© Eugene Kuznetsov

Wandering the Stalls

Are you a fan of wandering around Ljubljana’s biggest and best-stocked market in the city centre, or do you prefer one of the smaller markets, be it the market in the BTC retail park or the one in Moste, or perhaps the markets in Koseze or Bežigrad, or even the Šiška market, long forgotten but now coming back into its own. If you have been in search of seasonal produce lately, you are sure to have noticed that the first heralds of nature’s annual awakening – dandelions and wild garlic – have already given way to produce harvested at the height of spring.

The many shades of green of asparagus, spinach, rocket, lamb’s lettuce, kohlrabi, and spring cabbage are beautifully complemented by the reddish purple tones of radicchio, radishes, and red chard. Soon, even more colours will appear on the palette, as the season of cauliflower, rhubarb, strawberries, and even cherries is just around the corner!

A Basket of Goodness

In and around the markets there is more to find than just vegetables. The stalls, vending machines, and many small shops in the vicinity also offer other local produce and products. Whether you are looking for fresh milk and dairy products from local farms, home grown eggs, Slovenian meat, or bread and pastries, this is the place to find them. For the cherry on top, there are products like local honey, natural juices, herbs, spices, and pickles. There really is a lot to choose from, so make sure you don't run out of space in your basket, backpack, trolley, or bicycle basket for all the temptations you can’t resist.

Well-deserved Refreshment

Matching the many colours of the market, the surrounding patios are just as colourful, inviting shoppers tired from all the sights to stop for a refreshing break and a chat about everything and nothing. The market has always been used for information exchange, so be sure not to miss out on the main event – sitting at a sunny table as you sip coffee, tea, or something more refined, enjoy a snack or two, and swap recipes, gossip, or weekend plans with your nearest and dearest.


Let’s end with a tip for the tastiest way to experience the lively atmosphere of Ljubljana’s Central Market. Whether you are a regular, a casual visitor, or a complete newcomer to this market, you are sure to learn something new about it on the Yummy Market Walk.

You will visit practically every Slovenian region as you sample fresh, local produce, products, and dishes. Starting with a glass of sparkling wine from one of Slovenia’s best winemakers, you will stop for tastings at a total of seven culinary stops while discovering the stories behind the abundantly stocked stalls and counters, and gaining a thorough insight into the past and present culinary habits of the people of Ljubljana, as well as of Slovenians in general.

No matter which market you visit and in whose company you explore it, we hope you can enjoy its fruits with all your senses. And remember: green is in, so do bring some reusable bags on your market wanderings. You can also give your car a break and opt for a green alternative – a city bus, a bicycle, or a scooter – or you can simply discover the beautiful green shades of Ljubljana on foot.