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There are plenty of things to do in Ljubljana, but how do you deal with "sweater weather"? Sure, there are museums, galleries, indoor events, exhibitions etc. but if you are not in the mood for any of these things you can always find a cosy place to hang out - alone or in company.

daktari naslovna

Daktari - A perfect place for all generations

Daktari may look small from the outside, but looks amazing from the inside. The interior is incredibly warm and homely, and it sure has a lot of charisma. The vibe is similar to the one you would experience while visiting a friend or entering your own living room.

They have a good beer selection, but coffee lovers can't skip the real Turkish coffee served in a traditional coffee pot. Another interesting thing about their menu is that you can order a Čokolino, which is a famous "chocolate" meal for children (and adults), well known in the Balkans area.

I think that all visitors fall in love with their very comfortable antique furniture; you can even play the piano there! But if you are looking for more relaxing moments, simply grab a book or enjoy its charm.

It's located next to the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and close to the Central Market and Ljubljana Castle Funicular.

Pritličje - Very nice and extremely Instagram friendly

Pritličje (the name can be translated as "ground floor") is an alternative bar located next to the Ljubljana’s Town Hall. It is absolutely adorable, very cosy, and is a place that makes any cold day ten times better. It's not only a bar, or a café, it's a venue where you can order a beer, their special gin and tonic mixes, tea, or enjoy a live music event, literary evening, a lecture, or even a DJ party.

Their soup menu changes daily, and you can also order sandwiches in addition to coffee and assorted snacks and desserts. Prices are reasonable, there is free Wi-Fi available, and it is also suitable for bigger groups.

Both suggestions have cosy corners to get settled in over a long, lazy, morning coffee, or chilled out afternoon. Enjoy, explore and stay an hour, two hours, or a whole afternoon. Luckily, all venues listed also have evening events, so you can actually stay there even longer.

Sorodne zgodbe

  • naslovna hobotnice

    You can call it vandalism or you can call it art, one thing is for certain: Ljubljana is rich with creative street art and colourful graffiti. Some are just regular funny writings on the wall and some are true art pieces that should probably hang in someone’s living room. Take a walk around town and see them for yourself.