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When the weather is warm, but not too hot or too cold, it’s just perfect for any outdoor activities. We, in Ljubljana just love our bikes in any season. Why don’t you join us, feel the breeze, burn some calories and see how fun it is to explore our green city on a bicycle?

kolo naslovna

Ljubljana loves biking

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Ljubljana loves riding bikes! We are very lucky Ljubljana is mostly flat (and pocket sized), which makes cycling much easier. And with a growing network of bicycle lanes, riding a bike may be your best idea yet.

But do not worry, if you don’t actually own one. As many other cities in the world, Ljubljana too has a bicycle sharing system, Bicikelj. The first hour of usage is free, so it’s really useful for short trips around town. Funny thing is, because of Ljubljana’s size, you can easily cycle through entire city in that one hour! Talk about a bargain.

But if you decide to be more thorough with your exploring our beautiful green gem we call Ljubljana, why not renting a bicycle at the Tourist Information Centre? If you own a Ljubljana Card, then enjoy four hours of bike riding for free. Now that’s a lot of sightseeing.

See green Ljubljana from a biker’s perspective

Getting around town on a bicycle is so easy and fast and there’s so much more to see than the city centre, so I suggest you hop on your rented two wheeler and take a tour.

Why not start in our largest park, the lungs of the city, the Tivoli Park? Go say hello to the ducks at the Tivoli pond and maybe start with a cup of coffee at the nearby Čolnarna coffee shop. The Tivoli Glasshouse is right next the pond, there you can enjoy the company of tropical plants and spikey cacti (or is it cactuses?). Plus, the entrance is free of charge.

If ducks, swans and tropical plants are just not wild enough for you, follow the bicycle lane on Večna road which is situated practically right in the middle of a forest and visit the ZOO and your favourite animal. Perhaps purchase a coupon and join the zookeeper at feeding time. Or just visit the petting zoo if you’re too squeamish.

If you’re not too tired yet (and while you’re on that part of town), continue pedalling your bike along Večna road and visit the Koseze Pond. Away from the hustle and bustle, you can chill out, relax and admire the sunset. What a perfect end of the day.

Tomorrow, your bicycle will be waiting for you to take on another Ljubljana adventure.

Sorodne zgodbe

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    A lonely hill to the north of the city, Šmarna Gora is not only one of the most popular hiking destinations in Ljubljana, but also a place for great photography, spectacular views, food, and relaxation. The most fascinating time to visit? Definitely morning.