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Travelling with your loyal pet isn't always easy, so you'll be happy to know, that there are many places in Ljubljana, where you can enjoy some quality time with your pup. Don't be afraid to bring him with you when getting lunch or coffee, when enjoying the sights or travelling by bus. I'm sure your dog will enjoy green Ljubljana as much as you'll do. Here are some tips on how to enjoy a fabulous day with your pooch.


Take him to the park

That's quite an obvious one, but you simply can't go wrong with visiting one of many parks Ljubljana has to offer. The most popular park is probably the well-known Tivoli, but there are actual dog parks in Ljubljana too, where dogs can run around without a leash. A fenced area, of course, where you can sit and relax on a bench, while your dog plays with his canine friends. There's one dog park in Koseze, at Štepanjsko naselje neighbourhood and one at The Northern City Park. My favorite though, is the dog park at Šmartinski park. It's the largest and there's a car park right nearby. Don't forget to pick up any poops after him. Don't worry, poop happens. That's why there are many doggy "poop stations" in our parks, which offer you bags and a place to discard them.

Visit the ZOO

Dogs love the company of other dogs, but I’m sure they would love to meet some other creatures from the animal kingdom as well. Dogs are welcome at the Ljubljana ZOO, there is a 2 Euro entrance fee and you need to keep the pooch on his leash while he tries to understand what are meerkats and how to befriend a capybara.

Surprise him with a homemade doggy treat

Did you know we have dog bakeries in Ljubljana as well? There's Pasja Pekarna Hov Hov on Slovenska street and Papy at Town Square offering tasty homemade and all-natural treats. Besides treats, dog bakeries also offer wet and dry dog food, toys, accessories and more. I suggest you let your friend take a pick, I'm sure he'll follow his nose and find something yummy. Just don't let him empty the whole store!

Take him sightseeing

Why not? Your doggy deserves some of that touristy action as well. How about visiting the Ljubljana Castle to admire the views. You can walk up the castle hill if you’re up for it, or ride the funicular. In case you we’re wondering – yes, dogs are allowed to ride the funicular, but they need a muzzle. If you don’t have one, you can simply borrow one at the funicular ticket office. Clever, right?

Time to relax – have a drink

You’ve had a long day so you and your dog could sure use a refreshment. There are so many bars, coffee shops and restaurants that allow dogs, not only out on the terrace, but also inside. Many of them offer a nice bowl of water for your thirsty friend. Go get a grab a bite to eat at Monstera bistro or head out to LP bar, where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the castle or embrace the cozy interior with a nice book and an invigorating drink. With Fido sleeping by your feet, of course.

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