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Slovenia boasts 13 golf courses, including two in the immediate vicinity of the capital.


The majority of Slovenia's golf courses are located about an hour's drive from Ljubljana. In the last decade, Slovenia has played host to eight official EGA European Amateur Championships, which is proof that its golf courses are of good quality and challenging.

Apart from quality, it is the courses' scenic beauty that attracts golfers to Slovenia. The average green fee is between €50 and €70.

Golf in Central Slovenia

Central Slovenia offers two large 18-hole golf courses, Golf Arboretum in the village of Volčji Potok and the Diners CUBO golf course Ljubljana in the village of Smlednik. You can also play at the Trnovo Golf Course, which is a smaller, 9-hole golf course situated on the edge of Ljubljana, or visit one of the region's several practice fields.

A number of hotels and guest houses in Ljubljana and its surrounding area offer special golf packages including accommodation in the vicinity of golf courses and various leisure activities.

Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year 2015

Slovenia received the prestigious title of the Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year 2015 from the International Golf Travel Writers Association, which has 160 members and is administered by the IAGTO.

The criteria used by the Association's members in judging golf destinations included course quality and accessibility, attractiveness of the region and courses, and, of course, the extent to which a destination is 'undiscovered'.

For more information about the IAGTO Awards, visit the IAGTO website.