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Love exists beyond its romantic idealisation.

  • It is the affection we feel for our parents, children and family.
  • It is caring for friends.
  • It is being in tune with oneself.
  • It is the joy of creative work.
  • It is being in awe of nature.
  • It is becoming one with the transcendental and divine.
  • It is the cheer of good food and wine.
  • It is falling in love with the place where you live.
  • It is a commitment to art.
  • It is a passion for travel and new experiences.

It is you and me, and all of us together. This is why LUV Fest is for everyone.

LUV fest is a walk through Ljubljana’s old town. // It is the taste of coffee on your lips. // LUV is a chocolate cake at the Atelier and a night view from the castle. // LUV is Tivoli Park in the snow, the silence in the Modern Gallery and the bustle of the Saturday market. // LUV is a corny selfie on Cobblers’ Bridge. // LUV is holding hands. // And a matinee film at Kinodvor. // Or Valentine's dinner at Strelec. // LUV is the candles on Gradaščica stream on St Gregory's Day, and an evening kiss in a secluded bar in Šiška. // LUV is a family of nutrias in Moste. // LUV is a visit to the zoo on a sunny February afternoon. // And all the padlocks on Butchers' Bridge. // LUV is a Tinder date at Špica. // LUV is a Mardi Gras party. // LUV is love. // LUV is Ljubljana.