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LUV Fest is a festival of love, art and rambling, which will take place in Ljubljana from 8 February, a day when the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren is commemorated, through to 12 March, when by tradition birds start their courtship.

Like the birds, you can enjoy the month of love, when you can also:

  • rest your eyes on the art installations scattered across Ljubljana, which will bring together young and old alike,
  • take pictures at the photo spots in the city to create unforgettable memories,
  • make beautiful souvenirs at the creative workshops,
  • treat yourself to some cultural experiences by visiting the many concerts, exhibitions and other events,
  • make a festival-themed gift of a culinary delicacy, without feeling guilty.

With the LUV Fest festival, we celebrate the love for our culture, our heritage, and the Slovenian language. Under the common theme of love, we present numerous cultural events in the city along with an engaging accompanying program. It's a festival encompassing all genres for all generations. During the festival, we aim for Ljubljana to become a space for discovery, learning, encountering, and coexisting with various cultures.

  • Opis koncepta LUV Fest_foto Piardigma

    Understanding the concept of LUV Fest

    Love exists beyond its romantic idealisation.

  • Shutterstock 538584517 Zgodba o nastanku LUV festa povecevalno steklo srce

    How did LUV Fest come about?

    Why is LUV Fest held in the wintertime, what was it inspired by and what does it include?

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LUV Cultural Programme


Read a detailed cultural programme
  • Grad dodatna foto tocka

    LUV in the city (installations)

    A wealth of LUV installations around the city that will allow you to see the many forms of love through the eyes of art.

  • Shutterstock 1019330548 rdece snezinke oblikovane v srce

    LUV special offer

    Since LUV Fest is a very special festival, it’s only right you should do something special while it’s on.

  • Hotelska ponudba LUV postelja s srckom_foto Shutterstock

    LUV pampering hotel packages

    Hotel packages for all those who crave LUV pampering at the most romantic time of the year.

  • LUV gostinski program_foto Shutterstock

    Culinary and shopping LUV delights

    Join the playful vibe this LUV month with Ljubljana's eateries and shops celebrating LUV Fest, offering unique, tantalising experiences. 

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Interactive display of LUV data

We want to present the data to the interested public in a more engaging and interactive way. An example of such data presentation is data visuals, which we are preparing as part of the LUV Festival. These data visuals, featuring selected interesting data, are published on social media, where we invite users to participate through quiz questions.

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The organisers reserve the right to change the programme and, in case of inclement weather, to change the venue.