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Looking for some fun and entertainment? Ljubljana is a place where you can be sure to find something to enjoy. You can dance to various styles of music and socialize or simply sit around and watch other people party. On a night out you can easily wander from pubs to clubs and have fun.

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The majority of parties and nightlife are taking place at weekends. The most exciting are Friday nights when party people of all ages have fun at trendy night clubs and lounge bars. Several quiet daily bars turn into lively party premises with DJs at night. Excellent starting and meeting points are the ČinČin bar at the former Tobačna factory, a slightly remote Božidar for hipsters and Pritličje and Central Station. For some, the latter two remain the only stop for partying.

From the popular mainstream to the genre-specific clubs

Those looking for a weekend party are mainly interested in relaxed atmosphere for socialising and new acquaintances. In this case, the music is not of utmost importance, and therefore bars and large clubs offering a wide spectrum of popular music are an easy choice. Circus Club and Shooters Club are also fun and exciting places.
However, lovers of music probably have their own favourite genre and developed taste. If you are a Rock music fan, take a walk to Orto Bar which in its two storeys offers a bar counter, a dancing floor and also live music. Contemporary electronic music is on the menu in K4, the club with almost 30 years of tradition. Genre-specific musical entertainment is also provided by Ljubljana's jazz and ethnic music clubs. One of such clubs is Soho Ljubljana with live music performances.

Underground partying

The place where you can get the fullest picture of Ljubljana's underground culture is Metelkova, once the city's largest squat, which has developed into one of Europe's best known centres of independent artistic activity. Its numerous clubs, which the locals hit at around midnight, give you an opportunity to party until early in the morning. Interesting concerts of all styles of underground music, club nights with Slovenian and international DJs, LGBTQ clubs, and reasonably priced drinks attract large crowds, especially on good weather days, when a lot of socializing is done outside the clubs, across the Metelkova complex. Definitely a unique experience for any visitor to Ljubljana.

So let the party begin!