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Ljubljana is a wheelchair-friendly city for persons with disabilities – you can access almost every part of the city with a wheelchair. The city is covered in cycling paths, which means there is no need to hop on and off the pavements. If we ignore the hills, the city is very flat, and if you feel like visiting the suburbs-go for it!


The old city centre is slightly inconvenient due to the paved streets, yet it is possible to move in a slower pace. The riverbanks offer many wonderful and accessible opportunities for walks. The city is well equipped with several public toilets for disabled persons, as well as public transportation. Almost all buses include a ramp – if you wish to check, if the bus, you plan on taking, has the ramp, you can contact the Ljubljana Public Transport Company (LPP).

If you wish to check whether international buses or trains to Ljubljana are accessible, you can contact the provider directly, and most of the transportation options are adapted to the wheelchairs. You can also take a taxi service from the Ljubljana Airport to the city (as well as going around the city). If you are using a manual wheelchair, you can contact any taxi service, just let them know you are using a wheelchair, and they will send an appropriate vehicle. For the electric wheelchairs, contact the Taxi Metro service, which operates with two vehicles with the ramp in the back of the vehicle.

You can park anywhere – if you have a disabled parking card you can park free of charge on the marked parking spots. On any other parking spots, you can park free of charge for two hours, anything longer than that is charged.

You are welcome to download the application and experience the accessible Ljubljana on your own!


Ljubljana offers a great number of accessible tourist sights, hotels, restaurants and other interesting experiences. We have co-financed the mobile application “Ljubljana by Wheelchair” project to save time for the visitors of Ljubljana, who are in a wheelchair and looking for trustworthy information. The application categorises the most important information you might need and offers general information on Ljubljana and an offline map of the city. You can explore the following categories: SLEEP, DRINK, EAT, SEE, DO, SHOP and TOILET.

Within each of the categories, you can find a list of the interest points, accessible to the disabled persons (e.g. restaurants in the EAT category). By clicking a certain point of interest, you can check its basic information and the accessibility symbols, which mark, if the location is suitable for the visitor.


An electric trailer allows wheelchair users to move around easier and faster, and overcome long distances. It is extremely easy to attach to the wheelchair: the connector is adjustable in height and width, therefore it is suitable for practically every wheelchair without any special adjustments of the wheelchair. The battery’s range is up to 40km with one charging.

Driving with the SPEED3X trailer allows wheelchair users to join their friends or relatives on tours by bicycle or on foot, while not overloading their shoulders by pushing the wheelchair.

The electric wheelchair trailer is available for rent at the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) at Adamič-Lundrovo nabrežje 2 during working hours.

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You can rent the electric wheelchair trailer free of charge and return it by the end of the working hours of TIC. A valid personal document and a deposit of 100 € is required for the rental.

Ljubljana - An Open and Accessible City

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