Come to Ljubljana prepared! This list of essential information for visitors will help.

Weather in Ljubljana and Slovenia

The climate of Slovenia is influenced by the Alps and the Mediterranean, except for its north-eastern part which is mostly continental. Ljubljana typically has cool and humid winters, while summers are warm and sunny thanks to Mediterranean air currents. The average temperature for July is around 20˚ C and around 0˚ C in January. See the Slovenian National Meteorological Service website for forecasts and more information.


The Slovenian currency is the Euro (€). Most stores accept international credit and payment cards. There is also a wide network of ATMs where you can withdraw cash.

Medical assistance and pharmacies

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VAT refund

Many shops display the Tax Free Shopping sign. If you are a non-EU national, you can claim the value added tax refund for purchases over 50 € carried out in one store within one day. The purchased goods should be exported out of the country within three months from the purchase. Global blue