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Pekel Gorge


© P. Lajovec

The path through the wild and scenic Pekel Gorge, carved by the Borovniščica brook and well known for its waterfalls, begins at the Gostišče Pekel restaurant and crosses the gorge in various directions. It includes several demanding sections, but it is well maintained and protected.

At the entrance to Pekel, whose name translates as 'Hell', stands a coloured wooden sculpture depicting the Devil dominating over the route through the gorge. In a meadow not far away from there stands a restored watermill. At the bottom of the ascent to the waterfalls, a route map and an inscription are carved into a tree trunk. The inscription mentions five waterfalls, but actually there are seven, measuring from three to 29 metres high. At the side of the waterfalls, the Borovniščica brook runs down numerous steep rapids and gullies.

The gorge, whose name matches its dark and gloomy atmosphere in winter, extends to a steep rock known as Devil's Tooth (Hudičev zob). While in winter the path through the gorge may be dangerous for casual walkers, its frozen waterfalls are a popular destination for ice climbers.