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The village of Rakitna lies in the heart of a large karst plateau surrounded by the Krim-Mokc Hill Range, at a height of 800 metres above sea level. Famed for its healthful climate, which is due to the mixing of air currents coming from the Mediterranean and the Alps, it is the location of a children's health resort.

The scenic Lake Rakitna is a popular day-trip destination and base for walks and hikes around the area. Next to the lake is a modern hotel offering comfortable accommodation for the most discerning guests. The lake, suitable for swimming in the summer and ice skating in winter, offers an opportunity for common carp, grass carp, European perch, and trout fishing.

Lake Rakitna is the base for a popular 40-minute circular walk and a one-and-a-half-hour archaeological trail leading to the remains of a 3rd century tower and wall, part of a Roman defence system known as Claustra Alpium Iuliarum. The village of Rakitna is also the starting point for several longer hiking and cycling routes, the most popular leading to the nearby Mount Krim (1,107m). The area offers ample opportunity for cross country skiing.

In the centre of the village of Rakitna stands a Baroque church of the Holy Cross, first mentioned in 1420. The church has two side chapels and two marble altars. Its main altar is adorned with a painting by Henrik Langus and sculptures by Ivan Šubic. Its Christmas crib, handmade from tree roots, attracts large number of visitors at Christmas time.



Fishing permits are available for purchase from the Ribiška družina Barje fishing club tel: + 386 (0)1 429 11 15[email protected] or online from the Ribiške karte web portal.


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