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  • Gallusovo nabrezje 2019 Andrej Tarfila STO4

    Slovenia may not be known for its golf, but it’s a popular destination! Here’s our guide to the best golf courses in Ljubljana and Slovenia.

  • People sitting in the sun in a cafe on a city square. Drinking coffee. Old yellow buildings in the background.

    That's a pretty usual question for locals and foreign visitors of Ljubljana. Before we attempt to answer the question we have to ask ourselves what it is that we expect from this coffee.

  • Ljubljana christmas lights photo JanezZalaznik

    Slovenia’s gourmet capital of Ljubljana is full of interesting places to eat. Are you wondering where to go for New Year’s Eve dinner? To help solve your dilemma, I’ve selected five festive locations in which you can appease your taste buds and satisfy your party mood at the same time, no matter what your budget is.

  • Children of different age are catching bubbles in the city square.

    Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, is often overlooked as a family-friendly destination for a weekend getaway in Europe. However, the city has a lot to offer for families with its range of kid-friendly activities located in and around its charming and pedestrianized old town. With its compact layout and plenty of family-friendly attractions, Ljubljana is an ideal destination to explore with children.

  • Many windows with depictions of various artists.

    “Je v Siski se kaj odprtega?”

    “Is anything still open in Šiška?” sang Vlado Kreslin, Slovenia’s most popular folk-rock musician, in one of his songs. Back in the early 90s, the answer would have been “not much.” Today, it’s an entirely different story. Šiška is a lively cultural quarter of Ljubljana, with many points of interest to draw the intrepid tourist who is in search of something alternative and intriguing, beyond the bustling touristic center of the city. But it’s also something of a secret—ask folks from elsewhere in Ljubljana and they might not be aware of just how cool Šiška has become, and how many points of interest await visitors willing to explore beyond Ljubljana’s cozy center.