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    When exploring Slovenia there is a lot to be said about the smaller towns, often offering more than meets the eye. Vrhnika, showcasing its history and nature in its brand new Ljubljanica River museum, is a good case in point. If you are a history lover, the ancient artifacts along with the story of how Vrhnika is transforming itself these days, will make for a compelling half-day trip.

  • nosilna

    All great capitals of the world have something in common - little pockets or enclaves of culture, entertainment and fun outside the city centre. These areas, neighborhoods or streets are often the pulsing hearts of cities and offer experiences that are usually the perfect foil to the more sanitised and predictable ones in the more central locations.

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    Lovely. That’s the first word that pops into my mind when I think of Bogenšperk castle. It’s small and snowy white, surrounded by the blooming meadows and the woods. So cute! But the appearance can be deceiving. After all, the castle was the scene of some pretty heavy stuff in the past …

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    The answer is easy. Try them all and see which one will please you best. I’ll share my own favorite spots in town and give you a tip or two about where to find special flavors and unique delicacies that are worth trying.

  • zbilje naslovna

    Let’s make a cocktail. Shake lots of water with some Tchaikovsky’s talent and spice it up with »the good old days« flavour. Voilà!

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    If you have visited Slovenia before or were even born somewhere in the Balkans, you probably know what štruklji are. For those of you who don't, štruklji are boiled or baked rolls of filo pastry, which can contain various fillings.

  • naslovna

    A centre of Ljubljana’s social scene in the past, recently renovated Švicarija (The Swiss House) has now transformed to a creative centre for artists and art loving community of Ljubljana. Somewhat hidden inside Tivoli Park forest, this alpine style house brings some Gorenjska feel to the city.

  • botanical garden cover

    Let me tell you a secret about a beautiful garden just near the Ljubljana city centre. A tranquil place with undiscovered photo opportunities where you can enjoy the nature throughout a year.

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    Looking to find a place that has all the elements necessary to create the perfect ambiance for a productive workday? After all, when it comes to finding that perfect work café it’s not just about the Wi-Fi and electrical sockets. It's also about the atmosphere, coffee quality, and snack options.