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    Anyone can walk through the centre of Ljubljana and enjoy some great food but you can do so much more and experience a really unforgettable trip. How? Check out what Travel Dudes did in Ljubljana.

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    Every few years, waterfalls in a picturesque gorge close to Ljubljana freeze and attract ice-climbing enthusiasts to their beautiful, yet technically not too demanding ice-climbing opportunities.

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    If you are visiting Ljubljana, here are some of the most popular hiking destinations for a quick stretch of legs near our city, which you can do separately, or combined in an enchanting half-day tour like me the other day.

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    Ljubljana has caught a bit of a climbing bug lately and you too can join in the fun!

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    The best thing about Ljubljana is you can wander around its picturesque and cobbled narrow streets in the old town and just few minutes later you can already be having a true wilderness adventure.

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    Under the bracing shade of trees, stretching 40 kilometres around Ljubljana, it winds an enchanting mostly car-free trail of historic importance. If the Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship or simply just POT is a popular walking, jogging and cycling route for outdoor enthusiasts, it also serves as a reminder of where the city used to be enclosed during the World War II.

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    I love mountains. I love the energy, the solitude, the vastness, and the wildlife. And I love the challenge. Finding yourself without getting lost. Firing a passion without getting burnt. While I strongly believe everyone should venture out to collect their own experiences, there are ways to minimise the risks.

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    Vast plains underneath a playground of jagged peaks, slow paths, unique oval huts for shepherds, friendly people and good food. Velika Planina, arguably the biggest and oldest shepherds’ settlement in Europe that remains active up to date, is a hiking paradise for families, photographers, and those who seek a relaxing day out in unspoilt nature.

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    As fog lingers among the busy streets of Ljubljana, a small town on the south-western edge of the Ljubljana Moors and its embracing rolling hills lure young families, trail runners and other adventurers for a nice day in the sun. One of the most visited hills above Vrhnika might be small in size but totally and utterly captivating.