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    Vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten free, you name it. No matter your dietary preference, Ljubljana is most definitely slowly but steadily paving its way on becoming a true veggie destination.

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    Coffee! You'll sleep when you're dead! Especially when Ljubljana's coffee scene is expanding every day and picking a place to go get your caffeine fix is getting harder and harder. And it's not just about your regular espresso, it's time to say hello to chemex, cold brew or aeropress. Here are my tips for your next buzz.

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    Brunch = a long, indulgent mid-day meal in the company of a brewed coffee, sparkling cocktail or freshly squeezed orange juice. The decision is yours; all I can do is offer you my selection of the best brunch places in Ljubljana. Lucky for you, Ljubljana has quite a lot to offer.

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    You cherish a real love for desserts, cakes, and sweets, and you are wandering around the Ljubljana center to decide, where to? I’ve prepared a short guide to help you when searching for a place that will offer you the perfect cake (and most of the time, other delights such as ice cream or macarons).

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    I love it when I find a terrace with a perfect view of the city or a place where I can sip a cold drink during warmer days. Ljubljana center has plenty of bars and restaurants with lovely terraces or gardens and I’m sure you’ll find and enjoy them. Since the options in the center are so awesome, there are also some places usually missed when searching for a place for drinks and good company. I’ve chosen some of them; make sure you don’t miss them the next time you visit Ljubljana.

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    I know you have seen them. Crazy donuts, cronuts, monster milkshakes and ice cream deliciousness. But do you know where in Ljubljana you can find sweets that are as pleasing to the sweet tooth as they are to the eye? Keep on reading.

  • Beef Tartar at at AS Aperitivo

    Traveldudes had quite a journey when they visited Ljubljana and Central Slovenia in May 2016. Apart from many outdoor adventures they had, they also took time to explore the food scene. They made a series of three videos about it. The first one is a great overview of Ljubljana's restaurant scene.

  • naslovna

    If one thing’s for certain is that you’ll never go hungry in Ljubljana. There is a true myriad of flavours that satisfy every taste. But you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy some good food. Sometimes the best meals are the ones served on a paper plate or wrapped in tin foil. Grab some extra pair of napkins and enjoy some of the most unique street food you’ve ever seen.

  • potica

    Potica, a rolled pastry stuffed with various fillings, is the queen of Slovenian holiday dishes.