Little Barje Circuit

An excursion into unique natural and historical heritage

The Little Barje Circuit is a tour around the Ljubljansko Barje Nature Park, a unique landscape on the doorstep of Slovenia’s capital city consisting of marshland and peat bogs that is well known as the home to numerous rare plants and animals. In prehistoric times, the greater part of the area was covered by a shallow lake, on which communities of pile-dwellers lived. Their legacy, well preserved in the humid soil, is today included on UNESCO’s list of World Cultural Heritage. The most important find is the oldest wooden wheel in the world, which was made before 3000 BC.

With its flat, traffic-free roads and macadam tracks, the Ljubljansko Barje wetland is ideal for cycling. The 45-kilometre Little Barje Circuit is a circular route leading from the centre of Ljubljana to Škofljica and then westwards through a number of small villages back to Ljubljana. From the centre of Ljubljana head south towards Trnovo and continue towards Rudnik, Lavrica and Škofljica. From here on the route mainly follows the southern margin of the Ljubljansko Barje Nature Park. Pass through Ig and cycle on to Iška Vas. At this point you can choose to extend your trip with a visit to Iški Vintgar, a picturesque river gorge that is the perfect place to cool down in the hot summer months. Next, follow the quiet and shady road along the foot of Krim to Podpeč Lake, a popular spot for a day out, complete with a small bathing area in summer. The return trip to Ljubljana passes through the settlements of Podpeč, Notranje Gorica and Vnanje Gorice. With a little luck you might spot roe deer, quails, herons and other animals in the meadows along the way.

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