A town at the very centre of Slovenia

Litija lies in the eastern part of the wider Ljubljana region and at the same time at the very centre of the country, since the geometric centre of Slovenia (known by the acronym GEOSS) is located in its territory. Litija is also one of the oldest mining towns in Slovenia. Visit the Sitarjevec Mine in Litija, once one of the richest deposits of lead and mercury ore in the country, and admire the unique limonite stalactites, which are among the fastest-growing types of stalactite. Not far away you can view a replica of the Vače situla, the most famous archaeological find in Slovenia, and spend the night on a treetop platform or hanging bed at Experience Treetops. You can complement your trip with a recreational hike along one of the local trails and excellent food at one of the many local restaurants or agritourism farms.

The cycling route, which begins in the centre of Ljubljana, starts off by following the course of the river Ljubljanica and then follows its bigger sister, the Sava. The route takes you through lesser-known areas of Slovenia where you can feel the authentic local pulse of life amidst beautiful natural surroundings. You will start off by discovering Ljubljana’s eastern suburbs. Once you cross the Ljubljanica in Zalog, the urban environment increasingly gives way to countryside. Continue through the outskirts of Ljubljana to the point where the Ljubljanica flows into the Sava and then follow the river from here all the way to Litija. The route, which is actually just a small section of a long-distance cycling route, takes you through a series of little riverside villages, with the river on one side and forested hills on the other. You can return to Ljubljana from Litija by bike or by train.

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