• Lovely bars and terraces for sunny days in Ljubljana

    by Maša Butara

    I love it when I find a terrace with a perfect view of the city or a place where I can sip a cold drink during warmer days. Ljubljana center has plenty of bars and restaurants with lovely terraces or gardens and I’m sure you’ll find and enjoy them. Since the options in the center are so awesome, there are also some places usually missed when searching for a place for drinks and good company. I’ve chosen some of them; make sure you don’t miss them the next time you visit Ljubljana.

  • Ljubljana event highlights in August 2017

    by Tamara Langus

    What will August bring to Ljubljana? A lot of music, a theatre festival and even an open-air cinema. And many beautiful sunny days, we hope! Check out our highlights!

  • The guide to visiting Ljubljana Zoo

    by Inga Batur

    If you are visiting the capital of Slovenia with kids, your itinerary should definitely include a few fun hours spent at the lovely Ljubljana Zoo.

  • For the foodies: the story of the most romantic cheese in the Alps

    by Mateja Gruden

    The summer was slowly fading away and the time to leave the mountains was closer and closer. The herdsmen were becoming impatient; they couldn’t wait to leave the green pastures in the mountains and return home. One of them was particularly anxious – there was a girl in the valley he wanted to propose. So he had to bring a pair of special cheese in the valley as a prove of his sincere intentions …

  • Ljubljana from a different perspective – join the SUP tour

    by Nina Kogej

    We love seeing cities from another perspective, what mostly means, we climb to a viewing point and take a look down or maybe have a boat tour if there’s a river. Luckily, Ljubljana has always been full of surprises and offers few more scenic options – one of them is also stand up paddling on the river Ljubljanica to its city center.

  • Summer vibes in Ljubljana: family rafting and kayaking on Sava rapids

    by Jerneja Fidler Pompe

    With summer temps in town, it’s either chilling in a shade or enjoying invigorating water activities to keep you cool through the heat. A stretch of the Sava River on the northern fringes of Ljubljana offers a most exciting white-water rafting and kayaking suitable for anyone who wishes to unveil a whole new perspective of the green capital.

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