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  • Ljubljana’s craft beers and pubs - an enthusiast’s guide

    by Peter Kamien

    As a dyed-in-the-wool Bavarian, I am thrilled by the new beer culture that’s sweeping Slovenia. The introduction of craft beer from small breweries has been a triumph, and among more than 100 excellent breweries now operating in Slovenia, seven are from Ljubljana or its near surroundings. So follow me for a short walk among Ljubljana’s wonderful world of craft beer ...

  • 5 street food places you must visit if you’re hungry in Ljubljana

    by Eva Gale

    If one thing’s for certain is that you’ll never go hungry in Ljubljana. There is a true myriad of flavours that satisfy every taste. But you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy some good food. Sometimes the best meals are the ones served on a paper plate or wrapped in tin foil. Grab some extra pair of napkins and enjoy some of the most unique street food you’ve ever seen.

  • Memories of Our Ljubljana Adventure

    by Cara Jasmine Bradley

    In mid-July 2019, my partner and I were fortunate enough to tick lovely Ljubljana off our bucket lists. The city well and truly left its mark on my heart, so much so, in fact, that I was compelled to write an article about it.

  • 5 must-see artworks in Ljubljana’s National Gallery

    by Peter Kamien

    Art is an international language that hardly has need of words. So, when you travel to a foreign country, it’s a good idea to make friends with its art and artists – then, you’ll understand the place so much better. The Slovenian National Gallery in Ljubljana is the perfect place to make such friends…

  • How do you find a real Russian dacha next door to Ljubljana?

    by Peter Kamien

    Always in search of the hidden treasures of Slovenia, I made an incredible discovery – a real Russian dacha at the very gates of Ljubljana! How is that possible? Here’s what I found:

  • Where to get a taste of Slovenian wines in Ljubljana

    by Eva Gale

    Ljubljana’s wine scene is something to write home about. You already know Slovenia is a home of many wine regions and wine varieties and luckily, they all come together in many wine bars and wine themed events that will spice up your Ljubljana visit. I welcome you to sit back and relax with a nice glass of “vino”, just like the locals do.

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