• Hiking safety: everything you need to know before heading out to the mountains

    by Jerneja Fidler Pompe

    I love mountains. I love the energy, the solitude, the vastness, and the wildlife. And I love the challenge. Finding yourself without getting lost. Firing a passion without getting burnt. While I strongly believe everyone should venture out to collect their own experiences, there are ways to minimise the risks.

  • From kids for kids: the best places to visit in Ljubljana

    by Inga Batur

    Travel tips are usually written by adults, even the ones intended for kids. But wouldn’t it be great if there were tips on what to visit from the actual kids? Well, if you are looking for those, we've got you covered for Ljubljana. I've asked my two girls aged 7 and 5 to list their favourite nooks and crannies of their home town.

  • Where to find the best burgers in Ljubljana

    by Maša Butara

    Yes, burger-mania has hit Ljubljana too. These burgers are not a fast food meal but a fine gourmet dish made from the finest ingredients. If you are craving perfect patties with even better sauces and toppings, check out my list of best burgers you can find in Ljubljana.

  • Ljubljana event highlights in April 2017

    by Tamara Langus

    Spring has come to Ljubljana in full swing and sometimes we would really like to stay outside in the sun instead of going somewhere inside to see some interesting performance or exhibition. But the truth is that evenings are still cold and it is much better to wait a few months more for all sorts of open air events. We prepared this month’s selection of interesting events. Check it out.

  • A glimpse of history: tea party with the noble

    by Mateja Gruden

    The heavy doors of the mansion were wide open welcoming us to step into … the time capsule. More accurately in the 19th century. The handsome count Rihard Ursini Blagay and his enchanting wife Antonija were waiting to welcome us in their aristocratic but hospitable home.

  • Climbing in Ljubljana

    by Jaka Bulc

    Ljubljana has caught a bit of a climbing bug lately and you too can join in the fun!

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