• Ljubljana event highlights in February 2018

    by Uroš Črnigoj

    February in Slovenia is marked by the Slovenian Cultural Holiday and high class culture will definitely be happening this month, with winter edition of Ljubljana Festival. Beside that, it will still be a very interesting month, full of great events. Check out our selection.

  • Winter fun and night sledding at Velika planina

    by Jerneja Fidler Pompe

    When winter slowly creeps into our little land, it’s easy to push outdoor activities aside, especially with the harsher weather outside. But let me tell you a secret. As hard it is to believe, a trip above the foggy lowlands of Central Slovenia usually surprises with sunshine and a true winter wonderland. The most easily accessible mountain idyll to experience sledding, snowshoe walking, skiing, and other winter activities close to Ljubljana? Velika Planina.

  • Švicarija: art and culture in the heart of Tivoli Park

    by Eva Gale

    A centre of Ljubljana’s social scene in the past, recently renovated Švicarija (The Swiss House) has now transformed to a creative centre for artists and art loving community of Ljubljana. Somewhat hidden inside Tivoli Park forest, this alpine style house brings some Gorenjska feel to the city.

  • Skiing, sledding and hiking in the winter idyll on Krvavec

    by Jerneja Fidler Pompe

    It happens that the second largest ski centre in Slovenia is really close to Ljubljana. Just 25 km away either by car or a direct bus from Ljubljana. Yet, it’s not just the vicinity that places Krvavec as Ljubljana’s top choice, but also its unique position on the brink of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, 30 km of ski runs, a snow park, night sledding, and, finally, stunning hiking trails.

  • 5 reasons to visit Slovene Ethnographic Museum

    by Inga Batur

    Slovene Ethnographic Museum, housed in a sleek glass building, located near the cool alternative culture center Metelkova mesto, does a great job of introducing visitors of all ages to Slovenian heritage and culture, as well as cultures of several other peoples of the world. But that’s just one of the reasons to visit.

  • Ljubljana event highlights in January 2018

    by Uroš Črnigoj

    There were times when January in Ljubljana used to be a slow month, with big events happening only occasionally, but that's not true anymore. This January offers a lot of reasons to keep going out in the evenings, despite the cold (or just rainy) weather. Here is our selection.

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