• Did You Know Ljubljana has a Railway Museum?

    by Inga Batur

    Despite living in Ljubljana for nearly twenty years, I only recently found out we have a Railway Museum. Maybe that’s because it’s located away from the city centre and housed in very unassuming buildings. It doesn’t matter, because once we found out, we were ready to explore it. Climb aboard with us and get ready to learn about the railways and trains in Slovenia and beyond.

  • Ice climbing in the Hell

    by Jerneja Fidler Pompe

    Every few years, waterfalls in a picturesque gorge close to Ljubljana freeze and attract ice-climbing enthusiasts to their beautiful, yet technically not too demanding ice-climbing opportunities.

  • Discover Ljubljana's communist past

    by Jaka Bulc

    More than 25 years after Slovenia gained its independence from Yugoslavia, one can still find vestiges of the old country in the Slovenian capital. While socialism is still very much a contentious issue in day-to-day politics, yugonostalgia keeps on keeping on. Here is what Ljubljana has to offer to those looking for that retro fix.

  • Trendy coffee shops in Ljubljana

    by Eva Gale

    Coffee! You'll sleep when you're dead! Especially when Ljubljana's coffee scene is expanding every day and picking a place to go get your caffeine fix is getting harder and harder. And it's not just about your regular espresso, it's time to say hello to chemex, cold brew or aeropress. Here are my tips for your next buzz.

  • Exploring Ljubljana’s cultural scene on a budget

    by Eva Gale

    Every city trip consists of your typical touristy activities such as local cuisine, sightseeing and of course cultural activities like visiting museums and galleries. Ljubljana's compact size makes gallery and museum hopping very easy and some of them are free of charge which makes Ljubljana a perfect arty getaway when you're on a budget.

  • Enjoy a nature holiday in Eco Resort beneath Velika Planina

    by Tamara Langus

    Ljubljana is known as a city with the green soul but it is also a capital and lots of events are organized there. Where to go, if you want tranquility with the specific local atmosphere? Eco Resort beneath Velika Planina is the answer.

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