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  • Ljubljana’s craft beers and pubs - an enthusiast’s guide

    by Peter Kamien

    As a dyed-in-the-wool Bavarian, I am thrilled by the new beer culture that’s sweeping Slovenia. The introduction of craft beer from small breweries has been a triumph, and among more than 100 excellent breweries now operating in Slovenia, seven are from Ljubljana or its near surroundings. So follow me for a short walk among Ljubljana’s wonderful world of craft beer ...

  • 5 street food places you must visit if you’re hungry in Ljubljana

    by Eva Gale

    If one thing’s for certain is that you’ll never go hungry in Ljubljana. There is a true myriad of flavours that satisfy every taste. But you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy some good food. Sometimes the best meals are the ones served on a paper plate or wrapped in tin foil. Grab some extra pair of napkins and enjoy some of the most unique street food you’ve ever seen.

  • Where to get a taste of Slovenian wines in Ljubljana

    by Eva Gale

    Ljubljana’s wine scene is something to write home about. You already know Slovenia is a home of many wine regions and wine varieties and luckily, they all come together in many wine bars and wine themed events that will spice up your Ljubljana visit. I welcome you to sit back and relax with a nice glass of “vino”, just like the locals do.

  • Try the unique and delicious Ljubljana cake and satisfy your sweet tooth

    by Eva Gale

    Just like Vienna has its Sacher cake and Salzburg has Mozart pralines, Ljubljana too, has its own special confectionery treat, called the Ljubljana cake. And it is a special cake! Made with local, all natural ingredients and it’s perfect for indulging on special occasions or simply as a daily dessert after lunch.

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