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  • Slovenia – the cradle of civilisation?

    by Peter Kamien

    If you consider the invention of the wheel and the development of music to be among the most important foundations of a civilised society, it’s true! The first wooden wheel and the first musical instrument were both discovered here - so Slovenia really does have a strong claim.

  • 5 must-see artworks in Ljubljana’s National Gallery

    by Peter Kamien

    Art is an international language that hardly has need of words. So, when you travel to a foreign country, it’s a good idea to make friends with its art and artists – then, you’ll understand the place so much better. The Slovenian National Gallery in Ljubljana is the perfect place to make such friends…

  • Things are not what they seem at the Museum of Illusions

    by Inga Batur

    Museum of Illusions located in the Ljubljana city centre offers interactive exhibits that will show both kids and adults, museums can be fun, as well as educational. Here are our tips on how to best plan your visit and make the most of it.

  • School is still in Session at the Slovenian School Museum

    by Inga Batur

    Nobody wants to think about school on their vacation, right. School is boring and you want to have fun on your travels. Slovenian School Museum might just change your mind.

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