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  • Memories of Our Ljubljana Adventure

    by Cara Jasmine Bradley

    In mid-July 2019, my partner and I were fortunate enough to tick lovely Ljubljana off our bucket lists. The city well and truly left its mark on my heart, so much so, in fact, that I was compelled to write an article about it.

  • How do you find a real Russian dacha next door to Ljubljana?

    by Peter Kamien

    Always in search of the hidden treasures of Slovenia, I made an incredible discovery – a real Russian dacha at the very gates of Ljubljana! How is that possible? Here’s what I found:

  • Recharge your batteries and enjoy Park Tivoli’s lush greenery

    by Eva Gale

    Just like New York City has Central Park, Ljubljana has Tivoli Park. And it’s not just a place for jogging and sitting on benches while feeding squirrels. It’s a place to go when you need to calm your mind, recharge and decompress. It’s so versatile, with many spots to visit and activities to enjoy.

  • Five reasons why I think living in Ljubljana is the best

    by Eva Gale

    I’ve been living in Ljubljana all my life and it never ceases to amaze me. I feel I’m privileged to live in a city like Ljubljana and I still firmly believe it’s one of the best places to live.

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