• When trying local and Slovenian food - štruklji are a must

    by Maša Butara

    If you have visited Slovenia before or were even born somewhere in the Balkans, you probably know what štruklji are. For those of you who don't, štruklji are boiled or baked rolls of filo pastry, which can contain various fillings.

  • Lake Zbilje: where Tchaikovsky and the good old days meet

    by Mateja Gruden

    Let’s make a cocktail. Shake lots of water with some Tchaikovsky’s talent and spice it up with »the good old days« flavour. Voilà!

  • Summer vibes in Ljubljana: family rafting and kayaking on Sava rapids

    by Jerneja Fidler Pompe

    With summer temps in town, it’s either chilling in a shade or enjoying invigorating water activities to keep you cool through the heat. A stretch of the Sava River on the northern fringes of Ljubljana offers a most exciting white-water rafting and kayaking suitable for anyone who wishes to unveil a whole new perspective of the green capital.

  • Take the bicycle tour through Plečnik’s Ljubljana

    by Eva Gale

    If you love architecture and if you love biking, then continue reading. I've got a fabulous idea on how to spend time in Ljubljana actively, see architectural gems and learn something on the way. It’s called the Plečnik bike tour, which will take you all over Ljubljana, where you’ll meet works from the city’s favourite architect.

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