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  • Best places to work/study in (while drinking) in Ljubljana

    by Maša Butara

    Looking to find a place that has all the elements necessary to create the perfect ambiance for a productive workday? After all, when it comes to finding that perfect work café it’s not just about the Wi-Fi and electrical sockets. It's also about the atmosphere, coffee quality, and snack options.

  • The secret of Ljubljana Botanic Garden

    by Tamara Langus

    Let me tell you a secret about a beautiful garden just near the Ljubljana city centre. A tranquil place with undiscovered photo opportunities where you can enjoy the nature throughout a year.

  • Did you always want to fly? Experience the wind tunnel at Aerodium Logatec

    by Nina Kogej

    Ever since I had found out about the wind tunnel opening in Logatec, a town 30 kilometers west of Ljubljana, I wanted to see what it is all about. I already jumped out of an airplane with a parachute and loved it, so I wanted to check this out as well and see how different from skydiving this experience is.

  • Švicarija: art and culture in the heart of Tivoli Park

    by Eva Gale

    A centre of Ljubljana’s social scene in the past, recently renovated Švicarija (The Swiss House) has now transformed to a creative centre for artists and art loving community of Ljubljana. Somewhat hidden inside Tivoli Park forest, this alpine style house brings some Gorenjska feel to the city.

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