Have you already visited Ljubljana? Or are you thinking about discovering it for the first time? In any case, let us share some inspiration with you.

So many people who have visited Ljubljana shared their favourite memories with us. Check them out below. Many say they would love to return. Perhaps not right away, but we are here and you are always welcome.

So, #RevisitLjubljana and when you do, tell us about it.

We collected the stories below as a part of our #LjubljanaMemories campaign, which was carried out at the height of the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic. We were delighted by the response and your willingness to share your best moments. They remain an inspiration, especially in these strange days. We hope you all #RevisitLjubljana soon.

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  • Hope to see Ljubljana again soon

    Zelo pogrešam Ljubljano.😔 Upam, da se kmalu vidiva.❤️


  • I would be here now if there were no Corona

    Wäre Corona nicht da, wäre ich heute wahrscheinlich wieder in Ljubljana 😔


  • Meeting the dragons

    But it's one thing to read about dragons and another to meet them.

  • Running the Ljubljana Marathon

    Getting set to run the #ljmaraton in #ljubljana.


  • A useful guide on how to be romantic

    Had a great time there in November 2019! An amazing and peaceful city!


  • Cocktails vith a view for Christmas

    Cheers and Merry Christmas everyone. Cocktails and Ljubljana views from Neboticnik


  • Magical Christmas market at Ljubljana Castle

    Memories of a lovely winter trip to Ljubljana! The Christmas market around the castle was magical 💫


  • This view is real

    I swear I took this photo with my phone. 😍


  • One from our last voyage

    That's one of my last voyage with my @eleonora_zilio in Ljubljana


  • Would love to visit again after 5 years

    Thinking back to the first time I visited nearly 5 years ago and looking forward to being able to come back.


  • Everyone is friendly, I don't wanna leave

    Day two in beautiful #ljubljana. the sun is shining, everyone is friendly, I don't wanna leave! 🌞🌡


  • The awesome colored sky

    The sky decided to show itself today, and I am in awe 🥰 #LjubljanaMemories


  • Picturesque riverside view

    Love this canal view of the Church of the Annunciation, Ljubljana. Simply picturesque 😘🥰


  • A walk in the sunset

    Let's take a romantic walk down memory lane in Ljubljana by sunset.🌄


  • A romantic lady

    For me, Ljubljana is a romantic lady :)


  • Vintage Postcard Project

    The Centro district wasn’t always pedestrian-only. You can see the 70/80s cars parked along the side. So much nicer without them!


  • So much to admire

    Lovely Ljubljana 💖


  • Dancing in a paint puddle

    Dancing in a paint puddle = to mix up all the feelings and make such a colorful world... 🎨


  • Remembering Ljubljana

    Ljubljana Memories 🐲.


  • Graffitti at Metelkova mesto

    If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite♾


  • Sup on Ljubljanica river

    Ljubljana, supanje, Avgust, popoldne, Plečnik 😍😎


  • My first visit was unplanned

    My First visit to Ljubljana was unplanned. I just stopped by Ljubljana on the way to Zagreb. It was like 6 hours but I really loved this city. This made me return there again and explore the city leisurely. Ever since I read the book Veronika Decides to Die this city is very special to me ❤️


  • The last hours

    Enjoying last hours in the place I fell in love with...😢❤️


  • Among the locals

    Among the locals... the way I love it... on a Sunday afternoon... sweet memories to my last travel before... #coronatimes ... 😎😋😊


  • A pet friendly city

    It was for my birthday that we went to Ljubljana. I am from Colombia and for many years I wanted to visit Bled, we planned to also visit Ljubljana and we fell in Love. What we loved most was hiking to the castle with our dogs and after the walk going for a coffee at Črno zrno. 😊


  • There's beauty everywhere

    Lepota je povsod, le ujemi jo.


  • My first destination after COVID-19

    Slovenia is a beautiful country. I've been there last year on the Mark Knopfler concert. My first destination after COVID-19 will be Slovenia again. I'm in love with every historic town …


  • Time for a pleasant stroll

    Mestni Trg with the Ljubljana Cathedral in the background. Afternoon is fading slowly with the golden light of evening creating a pleasant feeling in the street. Time for a stroll.


  • My favorite person and city

    My favorite person and my favorite city in the entire world 🗺


  • All seasons at once

    When I arrived in Ljubljana weather was perfect, the following days it started to rain and end up with snow. It felt like visiting the city in all seasons at once.


  • I'll be back someday

    Music, street food, evening strolls, getting lost on a 9-mile run, going to mass, beautiful views, kind strangers giving me water in the park... I’ll be back someday.


  • A city that has soul

    Ljupki, šarmantni, gostoprimivi... gradić sa dušom ♥️

  • Winter wonderland

    It's a winter wonderland today; first day of snow in Ljublana 🇸🇮🏰❄️ ❤️

  • The richest hot chocolate in the world

    TBT ... to fond memories of wandering around Ljubljana on New Year’s Day 2016, while sipping the richest, most wonderful hot chocolate in the world. ☕️🍫

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  • Our love padlock is still there

    My first visit to Ljubljana in 2013 was to celebrate our wedding anniversary, 25 years after our honeymoon in Slovenia (Bohinj 1988). Some friends were in Ljubljana more recently and found our padlock among the thousands now on the bridge!

    Philippa Kate Charters

  • Fell in love with Slovenia before I came here

    Fell in love with Slovenia before I stepped foot in this gem of a country. This is my first photo in Ljubljana, January 2019. Slovenska Cesta. I was right ... my love just grew. My four-year plan to live permanently in Slovenia is delayed of course. I'm patient.

    Bobbie Pallos

  • Watching Ljubljana awaken

    I loved walking along the quiet streets of town early in the morning. Then I’d stop for coffee (usually at a place called “Forum” near the Butcher’s Bridge) and watch Lubljana awaken. It was magical. I ❤ Ljubljana!

    Maria Yost

  • Wedding anniversary dinner at Ljubljana Castle

    Our wedding anniversary last year dinner at the castle. The meal was one of the best we’ve ever had and we travel a lot.

    Douglas Smith

  • Beautiful Christmas Market

    Christmas market, soooo Beautiful

    Michael Hammer

  • December early morning in Tivoli Park

    December early morning walk.

    Scott Sid Clarke

  • A New Year without snow

    I nova godina bez snijega može biti lijepa u Ljubljani.

    Samir Zahirović

  • Great time at Pivo and Burger fest

    It was the Pivo and Burger Fest of 2014. It was fantastic. Four Points had a burger on pumpkin bread, it was so good.

    David Hill

  • Working dogs can travel free

    I was twice in Emona (the ancient Roman name of Ljubljana, op.) - training with dog (agility discipline) and after visiting the town, old town, statue of F.Presern etz.... travelled by public transport (LPP). Working dogs can travel free.....
    Agram Grifa

  • The genius of Jože Plečnik

    The genius of Joze Plecnik and I think there were swamps nearby. It was a calm and peaceful morning.

    @Jacinthe Côté

  • Night and day

    Beautiful at night as well as day.

    Alison MacKenzie

  • The dragon and crystal ball

    It was my first trip to your amazing city. I was walking through and enjoying the beauty and how amazing the people are and the dragon bridge. This is my photo to remember your beautiful city and the people. People came up to me to ask about the crystal and my photography and shared stories from quite a few locals. This is why I love Europe and left a piece of my heart in Ljubljana

    Holly Hulse

  • Fell in love with this city

    Visited in September 2017... And fell in love with this city ❤. Was a highlight of my month backpacking Europe. Faro to Zadar.

    Caroline Rowe

  • Touring around Ljubljana with my team

    This photo was taken when our Team Hotel Hinteregger from Katschberg Austria toured around Ljubljana.

    Mari Lou Delav

  • Dragon Carnival in Ljubljana

    Pust, last year 😄

    Marc Notarianni

  • Falling in love with Ljubljana

    This photo I took while walking along the river on our first day. We had no specific plans so we just walked out of our hotel, picked a random direction, and wandered off to see what we could see. Several hours (and who knows how many steps) later I took this photo after seeing much of the city and absolutely falling in love with Ljubljana.

    Ron Martin

  • Dragons and caves

    Visited the beautiful city Ljubljana, city of Dragons and Postojna, the city of caves.

    Deepak Deepak

  • Easy to visit

    Easy to visit by car from France 🇫🇷
    Sébastien Cousin

  • Josip Iličić football t-shirt

    March 2019! I had just bought the shirt of the Slovenian national team of Josip Ilicic, the top player of my team, Atalanta Bergamo!
    Walter Borsucki Tassetti

  • My best memory

    I was really in love with the city because of the Dragon Bridge, the people in the city were nice to us, the view from the castle is unforgettable! I hope one day I can go back there. I FEEL sLOVEnia

    Fernanda Marostegan

  • The tricky fountain

    The pic of the faces fountain on Kljucavnicarska ulica, I remember not being able to figure out how to get the hand fountain to work. On our second day I figured it along with my friend who is from Peru and we did a silly little celebration dance.

    Ron Martin

  • Great bike trails

    Really enjoyed the free bike share system and great bike trails.

    Scott Friars

  • So many memories

    I enjoy the People and City, Klobasa and Union Beer, the Parks and Castle. And as a great fan of football a match by NK Olimpija Ljubljana. So much memories!

    Philipp Klein

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  • Our first glimpse was unforgettable

    Our very first glimpse of @visitljubljana was unforgettable. Arrived early evening, with the sun setting, and a gorgeous view from our Grand Hotel Union room... #Slovenia


  • My favourite city

    Wonderful friendly people, fantastic food, chilling by the river, intriguing details everywhere... my favourite city!


  • Pics of Ljubljana made me smile

    Made me smile to see those pics of beautiful Ljubljana :) Here's one from me. Hope I can visit again soon.


  • The beekeeping tour

    Visiting the beekeeping center with our class from the @centerslo

  • Our favorite dragon

    Me and my girlfriend taking shots at the favorite dragon!

  • Possibly my favorite place in the world

    Been thinking about some of my favorite travel experiences lately - best way to satisfy the wanderlust right now! One of them is Ljubljana, possibly my favorite place in the world. Can't wait to go back when we can travel again (and Bled) 


  • Still overwhelmed by my experience

    I am still overwhelmed by the experience I enjoyed in Ljubljana, I loved the city! Clean, organized and shaded by leafy trees. The parks are beautiful, and the bazaars …. well, those are amazing!


  • My favorite stop

    #DrugaViolina, my favorite stop for a glass of wine after exploring more of the gorgeous city. Handy for #Krakovo and #Trnovo areas.

  • Music, cuisine and history

    A classical concert held at Cankarjev dom brought me to Ljubljana a few years ago. I had a great time there exploring the city's historic sites. In addition, its local cuisine was excellent. I'll certainly come back someday in the future.