Slovenia green gourmet route

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Ljubljana is an ideal place for active, fun and responsible experiences. Discover it as a part of a cycling route »Slovenia Green Gourmet Route«, that takes you across the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 and to Michelin Star restaurants, spas, vineyards, and a country full of culture.

The trail, which stops in only Green-certified destinations, was designed for all cycling levels and follows quiet country byways and forest roads, and takes you to vineyards, farms, and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Kolesar polhograjsko hribovje Poletje 2016 Tomo Jesenicnik
© Tomo Jeseničnik

Starting from Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, the route pedals under the Alps, hugs the Italian border, and then heads to Maribor, in the country's eastern half and along the Drava River.

S kolesom po Ljubljani Photo I. Medja
© Iztok Medja

For more information, please visit the Slovenia Green Gourmet Route website.