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Ljubljana, green and active

Climb to the top of a hill, on foot or by bike. Breathe in the freshness in the midst of green forests, by a pool or on the golf course.

Ljubljana is one of the rare capital cities where you can paddle through the heart of the city on a stand-up paddleboard or in a canoe and see the sights, while also discovering the varied flora and fauna that inhabit the riverbanks.

It is one of the friendliest cities in the world for cyclists, with a total of around 230 km of well-maintained cycle paths. The city is relatively flat and just the right size to make cycling a pleasant way to explore its streets and squares.

Ljubljana is also one of the greenest cities in the world, where you can find nature right in the city centre, while the surrounding area offers a wide choice of days out in the countryside, since hiking trails criss-cross the entire region. It also offers you the unique opportunity to set out on a country hike from the city itself. The network of hiking trails actually begins in the city centre and becomes increasingly dense the further out you get.

Ljubljana - a vibrant city with big ideas. Do not miss extreme dose of adrenaline in Ljubljana all year round. Take part as a participator or cheer for your ...

Editors' picks

  • Unica photo Andrej Korenc

    Ljubljana region offers excellent opportunities for freshwater fishing in beautiful natural surroundings.

  • ljubljana-golf.jpg

    Slovenia boasts 13 golf courses, including two in the immediate vicinity of the capital.

  • Kolesarka na adrenalinski vožnji.

    Slovenia is a top destination for sports and other activities in the great outdoors. Ljubljana and the surrounding countryside offer a huge variety of adrenaline-boosting adventures to get your heart beating faster.

  • barje napovednik

    The Ljubljana Marshes, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a unique landscape at the doorstep of Ljubljana. View the gallery displaying its ten most distinctive features.

  • pst-3.jpg

    The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, which encircles Ljubljana, symbolizes dedication to a healthy lifestyle while at the same time serving as a reminder of the city's history. 

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