Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), designer coffee in the Kavarna MAO cafe

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In Ljubljana cultural culinary experiences reach out all over the city. Fužine Castle is home to the MAO, one of the oldest museums of architecture and design in Europe which was founded in 1972 as Ljubljana Architectural Museum and is nowadays an example of how museums can be transformed into dynamic institutions with new functions.

MAO is the administrator and promoter of the most extensive global collection of Slovenian architectural and design heritage which especially addresses and inspires aficionados and admirers of architecture, design and photography, and helps them recognise the significance of preserved heritage for the lives of people, contemporary creativity and development in the future.

Slovenia’s national museum of architecture, industrial design and photography has its home in the only surviving Renaissance castle in Ljubljana. Alongside the museum, Fužine Castle is also home to the Kavarna MAO cafe. So this time the KulKul Moment is inviting you to enjoy an aromatic coffee, tea and sweet or savoury snack while visiting the wonderful, dynamic space which is constantly changing and being enhanced. Kavarna MAO is also a design experience - the preserved castle frescoes on the walls are complemented by the achievements of Slovenian design: the tables and chairs were designed or produced in Slovenia in the 20th century and were contributed for this purpose by visitors to the cafe. Treat yourself to one of the designer coffees that have been conceived by Kaval’s master drink mixers to complement Slovene design. And so the KulKul Moment sees the encounter of what is transcendentally artistic with an experience for the tastebuds.

Peter Giodani