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  • Neimenovana priloga 00073

    Despite living in Ljubljana for nearly twenty years, I only recently found out we have a Railway Museum. Maybe that’s because it’s located away from the city centre and housed in very unassuming buildings. It doesn’t matter, because once we found out, we were ready to explore it. Climb aboard with us and get ready to learn about the railways and trains in Slovenia and beyond.

  • naslovna1

    Coffee! You'll sleep when you're dead! Especially when Ljubljana's coffee scene is expanding every day and picking a place to go get your caffeine fix is getting harder and harder. And it's not just about your regular espresso, it's time to say hello to chemex, cold brew or aeropress. Here are my tips for your next buzz.

  • naslovna hobotnice

    You can call it vandalism or you can call it art, one thing is for certain: Ljubljana is rich with creative street art and colourful graffiti. Some are just regular funny writings on the wall and some are true art pieces that should probably hang in someone’s living room. Take a walk around town and see them for yourself.

  • technical museum slovenia

    If you are like me and always try to explore a foreign country on a deeper level, museums are great to do so. Just around 25 kilometers away from Ljubljana, tucked away in a small village of Bistra, Technical Museum of Slovenia can be found. The museum is perfect for a half-day trip from the capital.

  • nosilna

    All great capitals of the world have something in common - little pockets or enclaves of culture, entertainment and fun outside the city centre. These areas, neighborhoods or streets are often the pulsing hearts of cities and offer experiences that are usually the perfect foil to the more sanitised and predictable ones in the more central locations.

  • head bazilika1

    Brunch = a long, indulgent mid-day meal in the company of a brewed coffee, sparkling cocktail or freshly squeezed orange juice. The decision is yours; all I can do is offer you my selection of the best brunch places in Ljubljana. Lucky for you, Ljubljana has quite a lot to offer.

  • naslovna

    Travel tips are usually written by adults, even the ones intended for kids. But wouldn’t it be great if there were tips on what to visit from the actual kids? Well, if you are looking for those, we've got you covered for Ljubljana. I've asked my two girls aged 7 and 5 to list their favourite nooks and crannies of their home town.

  • rimc2

    Ljubljana has caught a bit of a climbing bug lately and you too can join in the fun!

  • count blagaj 1

    The heavy doors of the mansion were wide open welcoming us to step into … the time capsule. More accurately in the 19th century. The handsome count Rihard Ursini Blagay and his enchanting wife Antonija were waiting to welcome us in their aristocratic but hospitable home.