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The picturesque image of the centre of Ljubljana has been marked by different historic periods and most notably by the works of the world-famous architect Jože Plečnik. Take a walk through the Ljubljana Old Town.

Ljubljana Town Hall photo.D.Wedam

The Prešernov trg Square, the heart of the historic Ljubljana, has developed from a medieval crossroads from the former entrance to the walled city. It includes three of the most recognizable images of Ljubljana: the pink facade of the Franciscan Church, the monument to the poet France Prešeren, and the Plečnik`s Triple Bridge.

When you cross the triple Bridge, you are already at the Central Market, which was also built by Jože Plečnik. Do not miss the Open Kitchen there on Fridays.

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Not far from the market is the famous Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most). It is considered that if you did not take a photo with the dragon, you were not really in Ljubljana.

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Bars and cafes in the lively Petkovšek Embankment are a great place for a pleasant break before you continue.

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Since the 12th century, the Mestni trg square has been one of the centres of the medieval city. Later, medieval buildings were replaced by Baroque palaces, including the Town Hall. In front of it stands the famous Fountain of the Three Carniolan Rivers, the work of the sculptor Francesco Robba.

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From there, the path leads you deeper into the former medieval part of the city, today a lively part with a number of quality restaurants.

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The Stari trg square continues to the Gornji trg square, which runs to the foot of the Castle Hill. From there, you can climb to the Ljubljana Castle on foot.

However, if you want to continue the tour of the Ljubljana Old Town, it is time to cross the river and go towards a formerly separated part of the city, which was surrounded by the city walls in 14th century. Enjoy the view from the picturesque Križevniška Street.

On Breg embankment, you can descend to a promenade that runs along the Ljubljanica River.

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Admire the view of the river and facades of houses on the other side.

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At the Novi trg square, certainly take a few steps to the magnificent building of the National and University Library, which is considered to be Plečnik's best creation.

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You can return past the Cobblers' Bridge to the Prešernov trg square along the Ljubljanica River, which is used by tourist boats, as well as recreational people on SUPs.

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On the way, definitely turn to the Kongresni trg square, the central square in Ljubljana, where the most important events in recent history took place from the Congress of the Holy Alliance in 1821. There, you can find the building of the Slovenian Philharmonic, which was founded in 1701 and is one of the oldest in the world.

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What do we recommend after visiting the historic city centre of Ljubljana? Treat yourself to a cocktail with a view on one of the restaurant terraces. One of the best options is certainly the Skyscraper, which was the tallest building in the Balkans when it was built (1933). Cheers. :)

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