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Ljubljana is the loveliest town in the world, love is the loveliest feeling in the world, and LUV Fest is the loveliest festival in February.

To best capture that loveliest LUV feel of Ljubljana, we will reveal ten of the best LUV-inspired photo spots in the city.

Very long snail staircase with a red fence.


LUV is the little terrace at the top of the Skyscraper.

Three stone bridges.

Triple Bridge

LUV is Prešeren’s poetry.

Three strings with numerous keypads.

Butchers’ Bridge

LUV is all the padlocks on Butchers’ Bridge.

Plecnikova Ljubljana 2016 Nea Culpa kopija

Pillar at Philharmonic Hall

LUV is Plečnik’s street lamp posts.

A young woman with a bouquet of roses walking in a beautiful alley.

Križevniška Street

LUV is love for a beautiful street.

A swan on the lake. Coffee tabčes and chairs in front.

Tivoli Boathouse

LUV is a Tinder date at Tivoli Park.

A young woman with a bouque of red roses standing on a glass bridge across a river. A beautiful cityscape in the background.

Fishmarket Footbridge

LUV is the boats gliding under Fishmarket Footbridge.

White sand walkways in the middle of a park. Greenery all around.

Jakopič Promenade

LUV is a stroll through Tivoli Park.

A couple sits at the end of a passage with concrete blocks on both sides. They are observing the sunset in the distance above the city.

Ljubljana Castle

LUV is the night view from the castle.

A large grey church with two bell towers. A bridge in front of it.

Plečnik’s Bridge in Trnovo

LUV is St Gregory’s Day.