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Being a truly romantic city full of beautiful views and inspiring stories, Ljubljana is a perfect place for a romantic getaway.


Love emanates even from the city's name, which sounds very similar to the Slovenian word 'ljubljena', meaning 'the beloved', and many people believe that this is not just a coincidence.

A picturesque setting for romantic experiences

Ljubljana is definitely a place where romance is in the air. The city owes its romantic character to its historical appearance on the one hand and its youthful energy on the other. Life moves at a relaxed pace and people still take time to sit around in open-air cafés and admire the city's jaw-dropping views.

The picturesque setting for your romantic getaway is enhanced by an ancient hilltop castle towering over the city, the dragons that stand as a symbol of Ljubljana, and the remarkable stories behind the city's historical streets.


"Slovenia's capital city of Ljubljana is a particularly beautiful and lively place to spend time with someone special. You can tour historic castles, hike through mountain valleys, and cruise down the Ljubljanica River while soaking in the sunshine." (Amber Brooks, Datingadvice.com)

The river Ljubljanica – the essence of the city's romantic soul

Ljubljana is a city crossed by a river, the Ljubljanica. The river, with its beautiful bridges and picturesque embankments designed by the famous 20th century architect Jože Plečnik, represents the very essence of the city's soul. Navigated by tourist boats, it gives you an opportunity to view the city from a completely different angle.

One of the bridges spanning the Ljubljanica is the Butchers' Bridge, Ljubljana's love bridge. It is adorned with creepy but artistically accomplished sculptures by Jakov Brdar as well as countless padlocks attached to it by lovers as a symbol of their commitment. The striking contrast between the sculptures and the love padlocks gives the bridge a very special character.


A story about a poet and his muse

Ljubljana is probably one of the few cities in the world whose central town square is adorned with a statue of a poet rather than some political or military hero. The poet, France Prešeren (1800–1849), who wrote mostly in Slovenian and is best known for his sonnets, was one of Europe's great Romantic poets.

Attached to the façade of a building across the way from the statue of the poet and the muse of poetry, designed by the architect Maks Fabiani and the sculptor Ivan Zajc, is a portrait statue of Prešeren's actual muse, Julija Primic, who never returned the poet's love. The immortal story about this unrequited love inspired the Brazilian writer Paolo Coelho, who used Ljubljana as the setting for his probably most romantic novel, Veronika Decides to Die.


Get married in Ljubljana

In Slovenia, you can find a large number of amazingly picturesque wedding locations, one of the best being Ljubljana Castle. Countless engagements have taken place on top of the castle's Outlook Tower and the castle houses two beautiful wedding rooms, the White and the Blue Room.

Foreigners can get married in Slovenia after completing an administrative procedure at a local administrative unit such as the capital's 'Upravna enota Ljubljana' (Ljubljana Administrative Unit). Basically, the following documents need to be provided:

  • a valid identity document (the most suitable being a passport),
  • a certified extract from the register of births,
  • a single status certificate.

"Many brides, and even a few grooms, dream of having a fairytale wedding in a castle. Typically, those dreams don’t come true, but they can in Ljubljana." (Hayley Matthews, Datingadvice.com)

Feel Slovenia and let Ljubljana fill you up with love

Ljubljana lies in the heart of Slovenia, a scenic country with a romantic feel boasting unspoilt countryside, beautiful mountains offering magical views, historical towns and castles, excellent food, and a number of world famous tourist gems such as Lake Bled and the Postojna Caves