Don’t miss the November Gourmet Culinary Festival in Ljubljana

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This November, the biggest culinary month in Ljubljana, you won’t be able to just sit at home! At this year’s festival the reflections of culinary Ljubljana will show you all their faces!

Have you ever wondered whether the dish you had at the table of your favourite restaurant was created by a woman or man chef? Is it even important? Are there specific features of culinary creation that are determined by the gender of their creator? We say that creativity is boundless, that creating has no assumptions and that what counts most in outstanding cuisine is the love, soul and heart of the creator rather than their gender. Still, this year’s November Gourmet Ljubljana is dedicated to women. Perhaps because in the culinary world we have missed them a little in recent years – or simply because we have been so captivated by the European women’s handball fever, which is heating up Ljubljana at practically the same time. And that too is dedicated to empowering women.

So you can take this year’s culinary festival as an opportunity to do some research. We are offering you a range of extraordinary experiences in which women will speak, cook and be served. In the company of those closest to them: their local community, friends, colleagues and challengers. Because the women chefs who come to our festival as guests will not be alone. Nor will the male chefs working at the festival be alone – they will be accompanied by important women who have influenced their creativity.

Yes, this year’s festival will be truly a multifaceted, dazzling reflection of culinary Ljubljana. All of its faces; male and female. As if for a moment you looked into a kaleidoscope and experienced a vivid, unforgettable explosion – of flavours!

The November Gourmet festival in Ljubljana

Women will add their culinary expression of Ljubljana at many festival events; alone, together with colleagues and partners, and also as guests. Are you on board? Choose from the rich programme what will best suit your taste buds!

Check out the festival programme at the Ljubljana Gourmet website.

Food tours and trips

Even if you’re really used to the menu at your favourite restaurant, let yourself be surprised! November Gourmet Ljubljana brings an exclusive November offering to the menus of many restaurants. Look, ask, taste! In particular, we recommend the following city food tours organised by Ljubljana Tourism: Taste Ljubljana Food Tour and Ljubljana Beer Experience.

Follow us on the Gourmet Ljubljana website and social networks, and don’t forget to share your culinary experiences with the hashtags #gourmetLJ and #NovemberGourmet.


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