Don’t miss the November Gourmet Culinary Festival in Ljubljana

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This November, the biggest culinary month in Ljubljana, you won’t be able to just sit at home! At this year’s festival the reflections of culinary Ljubljana will show you all their faces!

Under the delightful banner of the November Gourmet Ljubljana culinary extravaganza, every year unfolds a tapestry of diverse events celebrating the twin passions of fine food and exquisite wines. This festival, proudly hosted under the Gourmet Ljubljana brand, weaves together a rich and vibrant culinary tapestry that paints the culinary landscape of Ljubljana and Slovenia in vibrant hues.

The festival program reads like a culinary symphony, presenting a curated selection of the finest offerings, a feast for both local and international visitors to savor. Slovenian chefs, ever the culinary maestros, unveil a captivating medley of reimagined traditional dishes passed down through generations and avant-garde creations, often borne from their global gastronomic adventures.

Come November, all of Slovenia's culinary treasures converge in Ljubljana, spanning a series of enchanting events, mouthwatering tastings, captivating guided city tours, and immersive culinary workshops. Don't overlook the 25th Slovenian Wine Festival and the Ljubljana Wine Trail, where your taste buds will embark on a captivating journey through a treasure trove of over 400 exceptional wine selections.


Even if you’re really used to the menu at your favourite restaurant, let yourself be surprised! November Gourmet Ljubljana brings an exclusive November offering to the menus of many restaurants. Look, ask, taste! In particular, we recommend the following city food tours organised by Ljubljana Tourism: Beer Way to Freedom TourTaste Ljubljana Food Tour and Ljubljana Beer Experience.

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