Cafés with outdoor seating in Ljubljana

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Enjoy the relaxed pace of life in Ljubljana, just like the locals do. We present five of the most popular areas to enjoy an outdoor café experience.

Ljubljana is a relaxed city with leisurely energy. Enjoying a cup of coffee or glass of wine in one of the many cafés and bars with outdoor seating is an essential part of the Ljubljana way of life. Pleasure is guaranteed, provided of course you can find a free table, especially in the evening, when Ljubljana’s streets are particularly lively.

5 tips on where to enjoy cafés with outdoor seating:

1) Terraces with a view

© Nea Culpa

Treat yourself to a coffee with a wonderful view. The best views are offered by the bar on the roof of the famous Nebotičnik skyscraper and the one on the 20th floor of the InterContinental Hotel Ljubljana. If you simply wish to observe passers-by or enjoy some greenery, you can do so at the Museum of Modern Art, in the garden of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum or in front of the Švicarija Creative Centre in Tivoli Park.

2) Petkovšek Embankment

© Dunja Wedam

The Petkovšek Embankment, the stretch of the left bank of the Ljubljanica between the Triple Bridge and the Butchers’ Bridge, is currently the most popular riverside promenade, with a series of bars, restaurants and pubs. Enjoy the view of Plečnik’s market on the other side of the river and enjoy the cool shade of the spreading trees that line the embankment.

3) Cankar Embankment and Gallus Embankment

© Dunja Wedam

These two stretches of embankment running from the Triple Bridge to St James’s Bridge on the right bank of the river are home to the greatest concentration of bars, cafés and restaurants, the majority of them offering a delightful view of the Ljubljanica and life on the opposite bank. So don’t be surprised if they occasionally get crowded.

4) Hribar Embankment and Breg

© Ivan Tykhyi

The Hribar Embankment between Dvorni Trg and the Cobblers’ Bridge may not be as wide as the Cankar Embankment on the other side of the river, but it nevertheless offers some excellent spots in which to sit and enjoy the view of the colourful façades of the riverside houses, with Ljubljana Castle rising up in the background.

5) Krakovo, Trnovo and Špica

© Dunja Wedam

If you head west from the centre of Ljubljana, you will come across some attractive corners of the city that are popular with locals. You can find peace and tranquillity and relax on the picturesque Krakovo Embankment or on Eipprova Ulica by the channel of the Gradaščica. You can also continue further along the river banks, all the way to the popular Špica (or “Point”).

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