Tarragon lePotička and Slovene Ethnographic Museum

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Potica is the queen of all Slovenian festive dishes. It comes with a number of different fillings and in Ljubljana, the tarragon potica is one of the most popular varieties.

With a distinctive aroma, tarragon is a highly sought-after herb all around the globe, but it is only in this part of the world that it is used as a signature scent for desserts. Known as the dragon's herb, tarragon is associated with Ljubljana also on a symbolic level since the dragon has been a protector of the city for many centuries. It is part of the legend of the city, the city's emblem, there's a big statue of it on the famous Ljubljana bridge, called the Dragon's bridge, and there are several other dragon statues in the Old Town …

You can taste the tarragon potica in a lovely mini form of »Lepotička« in the heart of Ljubljana, the city of dragons. If you want to upgrade the experience and turn it into a truly unique culinary and cultural adventure, we recommend you to visit the Slovene Ethnographic Museum.

Photo: Blaž Verbič

The credit for potica's recognizable shape belongs to the traditional ceramic mould, in which the potica is baked, called potičnik or potičnica, šarkl or modlc. Today a wide range of dishes is used for potica baking, all of which are usually round with some having a central cone and embossed relief ornaments, while others are lower with a smooth wall. They can be made of clay, metal, enamel or silicone.

As the Slovenian proverb says: "Without a potter, there is neither seed nor potica." Round ceramic moulds or potičnice have been produced by potter makers on spindle since the late 18th century. The clay was first dried in the air, then put in the pottery oven or kiln, and finally painted over with a special glaze.

Useful tip: Many of the round ceramic moulds or potičnice can be found at the permanent exhibition of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, entitled Between Nature and Culture. You can also buy them in the Museum Shop Lecatrija

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