The Emona / Maxi slice

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In Ljubljana many names exist for the juicy slice made of several layers of walnut pound cake, stuffed with rich vanilla cream and covered with dark chocolate.

The Emona / Maxi slice is, »pure nostalgia« delicacy with a rich history, is perfect for when you want to lose yourself in the extraordinary tales of the Ljubljana cafes. The slice used to be the most popular pastry of the legendary Ljubljana confectionery Petriček on Cankarjeva cesta. Some would remember it as the Emona slice that was served at the Community kitchen under the Ljubljana castle. Over the decades, it was often named after the confectioneries it was made at Tivoli, Bellevue, Zmajčkova, or Maxi. For half a century, the Maxi confectionery has been famous for its own Maxi walnut slice, which was previously prepared by the renowned confectioner Avgust Plestenjak for the British royal family at the Balmoral castle in Scotland.

Useful tip: the Emona or Maxi slice is a kind of "vintage" dessert that can be enjoyed before or after exploring the 2000-year-old heritage of Ljubljana. Numerous remains of Emona, the Roman predecessor of Ljubljana, can be seen in the National Museum of Slovenia and the City Museum of Ljubljana. The latter manages several open-air historical locations, including the Archaeological Park in the Erjavčeva street and the Emona House Archaeological Park in the Mirje area, where the remains of a Roman house are on display.

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