Fun activities and games in Ljubljana

Ljubljana really has a lot to offer to lovers of fun activities. Popular escape rooms, which are among the best in the world, treasure hunt games and a museum of illusions are only some of the things you should not miss.

Ljubljana is a city of rich creative imagination, the symbol of which is a dragon. Here, everyday life always includes a hint of a fairy tale. History has given the city a wonderful appearance and numerous extraordinary stories, while today it is a place where all kinds of fun things are available for you to enjoy.

Escape rooms

Slovenians are among the pioneer creators of escape rooms. In Ljubljana there are numerous escape rooms and other escape games in which you have to discover hints, decipher codes, find secret passages and solve enigmas in order to find the exit. Several experienced players, who have tried many escape rooms all around the world, claim that the ones in Ljubljana and Maribor are some of the best in the world. Ljubljana is also home to the first virtual horror house in Europe. Do you dare enter it?

Discover Ljubljana's secrets

If you want to discover Ljubljana's secrets on an organised city adventure, we have a good choice for you. On our website you can, among other things, book the discovery of the seven secrets of Ljubljana, a forest version of an escape room or an adventure for children, where you track the trail of the Ljubljana dragon.

Everything is relative, but science can be great fun

In the Museum of Illusions Ljubljana you can experience relativity at first hand, defy gravity and enjoy optical illusions. In the House of Experiments you will return to the real world, discover how the laws of physics operate and have great fun and learn many things while doing so.

Spending time with animals

Animals are great and you can spend time with them in Ljubljana. The Ljubljana ZOO provides a chance to get to know them better, feed them and understand how they live.

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