Things to do in Ljubljana during festive December

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During the advent season, a lot is going on in Ljubljana. The city is known for having one of the most original lights displays and its vibrant Christmas markets, set up in the historical city centre, are accompanied by free open-air events. 

Be marvelled by one of the most unique Christmas lights displays

In the Advent season, Ljubljana's artistically designed Christmas lights display makes the city's unique beauty really stand out. Ljubljana Castle turns into a fairytale-like setting, and the historical city centre's public squares, churches, bridges, and creations by the famous architect Jože Plečnik come to shine in a whole new light. The original holiday decoration of Ljubljana was the work of the local artist Zmago Modic. In recent years, his son, Urban Modic, has been continuing his work and taking it in a new direction so be sure not to miss this year's installations and the story behind them. If you are not up for getting to know the story with the help of your mobile, you can even get into a hands free mode by booking a tour with a guide where you can relax, listen and marvel while he/she will do the job for you! 

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Treat yourself to holiday shopping in Ljubljana

The Christmas markets, which include numerous food and drinks stalls, become the centre of the city's social life in December, while its nearby town squares turn into venues for countless free music concerts and other events for young and old.

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Even without its festive fairs, Ljubljana affords perfect opportunities for Christmas shopping. Interesting gifts can be found at the BTC City Ljubljana shopping centre, one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe, as well as in numerous city centre shops offering fashion clothing and accessories, Slovenian arts and crafts and designer products, and local culinary delights.

December is a month of festive open-air events

December in Ljubljana is known for being an event-filled month when the action is particularly lively despite the cold. The festive events, which take place in public areas of the city, are without exception free of charge. Concerts and other events for the whole family take place in most of the squares in the city centre. If you start to get cold, you can warm up with a cup of mulled wine or aromatic tea from one of the nearby stalls. The festivities culminate on New Year's Eve with parties in all the central squares.

A group of people on a concert in the city square adorned with christmas lights.
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Experience the festive Ljubljana

Apart from open-air events, festive Ljubljana also offers a whole lot of other Christmas attractions, from tourist boat cruises along the river Ljubljanica, which you should definitely make sure not to miss.

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Admire one of the more unique Christmas decorations

During the Advent season, the artistic lighting decorations of Ljubljana further elevate the city’s unique beauty. Ljubljana Castle becomes like a fairy-tale scene, while the squares, churches, bridges and famous creations of the architect Jože Plečnik come to life in new colours. The original December decoration of Ljubljana was designed by local artist, Zmago Modic; however, it has recently been taken over and developed in a new direction by his son, Urban Modic, who reminds us this year that: “They Are Us”. If you would like to hear the story behind its creation from the artist himself, don’t forget to book a guided tour of festively decorated Ljubljana, which will conjure up unforgettable scenes before your eyes.


Join a guided tour and experience the true festive atmosphere of the city.

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Festive tourist boat cruises

Treat yourself to an unforgettable cruise on board the tourist boats on the river Ljubljanica and enjoy in amazing views of the city's festively decorated bridges, embankments, façades, and trees.

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