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    What to do in Ljubljana when the weather is very hot? Even though most of the city's main sights are outdoors, there are quite a few options available to enjoy our city while staying cool.

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    A small yet captivating hill just 20 km from Ljubljana crowned with an enchanting white church and views over the hilly countryside to the west of Slovenia’s capital. With an easy hiking trail leading through a forest, it’s recommended for families and those seeking a relaxing outdoor adventure throughout the year.

  • velika planina naslovnica

    The summer was slowly fading away and the time to leave the mountains was closer and closer. The herdsmen were becoming impatient; they couldn’t wait to leave the green pastures in the mountains and return home. One of them was particularly anxious – there was a girl in the valley he wanted to propose. So he had to bring a pair of special cheese in the valley as a prove of his sincere intentions …

  • gric naslovka

    If you think I am mad, connecting log cabin in the middle of a small village to foodie's paradise, you have never been to the restaurant Grič. Big mistake!

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    The best thing about Ljubljana is you can wander around its picturesque and cobbled narrow streets in the old town and just few minutes later you can already be having a true wilderness adventure.

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    Yes, burger-mania has hit Ljubljana too. These burgers are not a fast food meal but a fine gourmet dish made from the finest ingredients. If you are craving perfect patties with even better sauces and toppings, check out my list of best burgers you can find in Ljubljana.

  • Volcji potok

    Ever since our baby boy was born, we do all kind of trips around Slovenia. Living near Ljubljana, we really like the fact that there are so many choices and beautiful places for a walk close by. One of our favorite destinations is also Volčji Potok Arboretum.

  • kolo naslovna

    When the weather is warm, but not too hot or too cold, it’s just perfect for any outdoor activities. We, in Ljubljana just love our bikes in any season. Why don’t you join us, feel the breeze, burn some calories and see how fun it is to explore our green city on a bicycle?

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    Lovely. That’s the first word that pops into my mind when I think of Bogenšperk castle. It’s small and snowy white, surrounded by the blooming meadows and the woods. So cute! But the appearance can be deceiving. After all, the castle was the scene of some pretty heavy stuff in the past …